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Best Home Loan | Best Home Loan in India | Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

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best home loan, best home loan in India, home loan eligibility calculator, home loans, home loans, home loans, quick, loan, easy, website, best home loans, top, no paperwork, top 10, home loans Indian banks do offer home loans. Still, often they are unsuitable for people whose monthly incomes are not high.

Sometimes, even if they are eligible for a home loan, the process is too tedious and people have to spend a lot of time getting a home loan approved. These days banks like HDFC and ICICI do offer instant home loans. They do so without any paperwork or strict credit score requirements. The advantage of an instant home loan is that the amount will be given without taking any down payment.

Best home loan

In some cases, the borrower will be able to get a full repayment in just 90 days, and in other cases, the loan will be discharged in 10 months. Most top banks in India have an online home loan facility. You can make an application online, provide a link to your bank account or credit card and get a home loan approved instantly without taking any paperwork or filling out any form. Hence, to check out the best home loan for you in India, we have put together a list of the top 5 banks in India that offer home loans without any documentation requirements.

ICICI Bank best home loan in India

5. ICICI Bank One of the leading banks in India, ICICI Bank offers home loans at interest rates starting at 8.7 percent. The online application process for ICICI Bank home loans is extremely easy and only takes about 15 minutes. There is no mandatory requirement for proof of income. The minimum criteria for a borrower to get a loan from ICICI Bank is a net worth of 500,000 rupees or 20 million rupees.

However, the loan can be easily availed even for those borrowers who have a monthly income of fewer than 20,000 rupees. Applicants should have a good credit score in India. After filling in your personal details and verifying your identity, you can move on to the next step to get your loan approved. You can even get a loan instantly after verification of your credit card or loan account with ICICI Bank. 4.

HDFC Bank One of the leading banks in India, HDFC Bank is one of the leading players in home loans in India. One of the primary advantages of getting a home loan from HDFC Bank is that you can get instant approval. With a small down payment, you can get a loan sanctioned in 10 minutes from HDFC Bank. You can also get a loan to make regular EMIs of home loans from HDFC Bank. No other documents need to be submitted for HDFC Bank home loan approval.

The loan amount is also a nominal 15,000 rupees or less. HDFC Bank offers home loans with varying interest rates starting from 8.85 percent to 9.23 percent. 3. Yes Bank offers home loans with interest rates starting at 9.07 percent. One of the primary benefits of Yes Bank home loans is that the interest rate is cheaper than others. With a nominal down payment of only 2,50,000 rupees or 10,000 rupees,

Yes Bank home loans are affordable. In addition to this, Yes Bank home loans come with a flexible repayment schedule. Once the repayment period is over, borrowers can get their loan converted to a fixed deposit or a recurring EMI. Interest rates on Yes Bank home loans are directly linked to the prevailing market rates. 2. Axis Bank Axis Bank offers home loans with interest rates starting at 9.3 percent.

Another benefit of Axis Bank home loans is that the bank does not require any down payment or any documentation to get a loan approved. Axis Bank home loans are short-term and can be easily taken after going through the pre-approval process. Axis Bank home loans also come with flexibility in the repayment schedule.

You can get an instant loan for 15 days, and then Axis Bank can approve your home loan for your regular monthly repayment. Axis Bank home loans also offer a two-year EMI period on the loan. 1. HDFC Bank Home loans of HDFC Bank are the best in the country and come with a plethora of benefits. The lender offers a repayment term of up to 25 years and they do not have any documentation or appraisal required. Unlike others, HDFC Bank home loans do not have any interest rate cap and are easy to get a loan.

HDFC Bank also offers an EMI option on all home loans. The minimum credit score criteria for HDFC Bank home loans is 680 to get an instant loan. HDFC Bank offers a 15-day EMI option on all home loans. To know more about the home loans of HDFC Bank, click here This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of HDFC Bank and not by the Scroll editorial team.

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best home loan bank

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ICICI Home Bank Loan

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